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Fawkes, Megan's Rhodesian Ridgeback stands confidently with his head up as he stares off camera to the left. He is wearing a Colorado state flag collar and the background is blurred trees with fall colors.
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Creating Canine Connections

Megan Wallace, NOCO Unleashed's owner and head trainer, sitting outside on the grass and smiling with her black and white border collie Tally. Megan is wearing glasses and her brown hair is pulled back out of her face in a loose ponytail. She is wearing a light pink T-shirt and blue jeans.

Who we are

NoCo Unleashed is dedicated to providing dog owners with effective, positive, and accessible dog training. We offer monthly memberships, Nose Work classes, and events in order to best serve all members of our community. Our facility is accessible to people of all abilities and we take pride in providing a safe environment for neurodiverse dog owners and lovers of all ages.


NoCo Unleashed is a small, woman-owned business that is passionate about supporting and uplifting the voices of other women, Black, Indigenous, and other people of color, and the LGBT+ community.


A white and tan puppy lays on a mat facing his two owners who are seated and looking at their puppy and away from the camera. The photo was taken in the NoCo facility.

The Community

A Belgian malinois is sniffing a tall mint-colored stool during a Nose Work search at the NoCo Unleashed facility. There are other assorted chairs and stools in the background and the dog is off leash.

Nose Work


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