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Find Your community

Dog owners and enthusiasts...

  • Do you have a busy schedule that prevents you from taking classes?

  • Do you wish you had access to trainers and learning outside of class?

  • Does your dog's behavior make it difficult for you to achieve your goals?

You are not alone
We have been there too

We understand NEEDING help but not being able to access it

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We are here for you

We have built an affordable, flexible, and supportive membership that accommodates those busy schedules, weather challenges, disabilities, and more!

We Set you up for success

I appreciated the presence of other dogs, but in limited number. I have had experiences of group dog training in the past that were overwhelming in the number of dogs and the lack of assistance in helping them cope with each other. This felt much more intentional and effective.

Having Loki around other dogs while training gives him many more opportunities to make the right choice. He has been recovering a lot faster and his reactivity to other dogs is not as severe as it once was. Thank you for teaching me all of these techniques that we use on a daily basis!

Ferris and I have much, much better communication and my skills listening to him have improved immensely. We are still working on helping his emotions allow him to be comfortable in close quarters with other dogs, but the CU Community allows us to work on this in a safe environment.

Janet and Freya

Kayla and Loki

Loni and Ferris

What it's all about

The Control Unleashed Community is a monthly membership that includes online learning support and in person private lessons, semi-private lessons, and different drop-in classes! We are bridging the gap between scheduled classes once a week to flexible class sessions each week and trainer support in between. 


Instead of purchasing a set amount of lessons or classes, you will have access to five sessions that you are approved to attend for the duration of each month. Between those sessions you have 24/7 access to the CU Community Online Learning Center which is packed full of tutorials, discussion topics, links to additional resources, and more. You can also ask questions, access real life training sessions from our trainers, participate in fun training challenges, and get professional feedback on your own training videos throughout the week in our online group.

No strict weekly commitments, no missing out due to weather or illness, and no feeling stranded between sessions!


Asta is growing into feeling safe with me. I'm letting go of a lot of stress and am able to use the exercises from class to create room for problem solving instead of simply reacting to Asta's reactions. I'M becoming less reactive. My relationship with Asta is deepening. I feel more confident in my ability to help her when she expresses her big feelings. I'm so very grateful for the lessons Megan has taught us.

Teresa and Asta 

This can be you too!

Book your Successful Start session to learn more, share your goals, and find the right fit for you and your dog

Every Month You will unlock...

  • 5 Control Unleashed drop-in classes, semi-private lessons, and private lessons based on you and your dog's needs

  • Scheduling future sessions is built in to all of our drop-ins so you'll have consistent support

  • 24/7 access to a comprehensive online learning portal

  • Private and group support from certified trainers outside of lessons

  • Group support from other dog owners

And guess what? You get access to ALL of this for only $199! That is the average cost of a 4 week class, but with so much more value!

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What the heck is Control Unleashed?

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We're glad you asked! Control Unleashed is a collection of training exercises and games that build communication and trust between dogs and their people. It was created by Leslie McDevitt, a world-renowned dog behavior consultant, speaker, and author, to help dogs thrive in the chaotic, human world they live in. 

Leslie's Control Unleashed program, books, and certified instructors have improved the lives of countless dogs and their owners around the world. The pattern games and exercises that are the foundation of Control Unleashed are designed to provide dogs with clarity, confidence, and safety regardless of where they are in their training. 

Our  Community Unleashed Membership is endorsed by Leslie McDevitt herself as a trusted resource for Control Unleashed training! 

A message from Megan:

As I looked around at the training opportunities in our community and reflected on my own lived experiences, I realized there was this huge missing piece. I knew I had to do something, and the Community Unleashed membership was born. Whether you are starting out with a new puppy, have an adult dog, are interested or currently competing in dog sports, or struggling with behavior problems, there is a place for you here!

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