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Why Train at NoCo Unleashed?

Over the past year, we have seen that there are many benefits that our students get from attending classes that aren't directly related to dog training instruction. Here are some of the positive "side effects" of training with us at NoCo Unleashed!

  1. There will always be people around who want to talk about your dog!

  2. You have a safe and understanding space to vent about the annoying thing your dog did, or to talk about how worried you are about your sick dog.

  3. Friendships are often formed as you learn and grow along side one another.

  4. Your relationships with other people may improve as you learn how consistent communication and partnership lead to amazing results.

  5. You will learn that you aren't alone in feeling stressed about your dog's behavior.

  6. There is a place where everyone understands how annoying it is when people ring the door bell unnecessarily!

  7. No one cares if you have dog hair on your clothes when you come to class. They won't even care whether or not you brush your hair!

  8. You can get great referrals for other local pet business that people love and trust.

  9. You may just learn what Flyball and Treiball are, and you will have something interesting to talk about at your next dinner party.

  10. Most importantly, you will always have people around you to celebrate in your successes with your dog, whether large or small!

Here at NoCo Unleashed, it's not just about dog training, it's about community! We obviously love dogs, but we love their humans just as much. Our goal is for everyone to feel successful, both human and canine!


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