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Why do Trainer Certifications Matter?

You will notice that both of us have quite a few letters behind our names, most of which won’t make sense without some explanation. We could tell you exactly what those letters stand for, but that still may not make much sense if you don’t know what’s behind these achievements. The truth is, the dog training industry is unregulated, so we don’t need any of these letters to do our jobs. However, they represent a commitment to continuing education, and always striving to bring you the best client experience possible! Each of these certifications represents time spent learning new skills, making videos to prove our ability to teach these skills, studying for tests, communicating with mentors, and networking with our colleagues. We do this because we want to bring the most up-to-date knowledge on training and behavior, so that you and your dog will be successful in anything you do!

Victoria Kander: KPA-CTP - Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner - one of the leading educational programs for trainers, a very intensive program requiring both in-person and virtual studies, video submissions, and exams. CDTI - Certified Trick Dog Instructor - requires an online learning course, video submissions, and an exam. CNWI - Certified Nose Work Instructor - involves 8 days of in-person workshops, video submissions, and an exam. AKC Evaluator - application must be submitted and approved.

Megan Wallace: CPDT-KA - Certified Professional Dog Trainer- Knowledge Assessed - requires 300 hours of hands on teaching experience and a comprehensive exam. CNWI - same as above CCUI - Certified Control Unleashed Instructor- involves extensive mentoring from Leslie McDevitt and video submissions.

We are both always working on continuing education, and adding new certifications. Victoria is currently working on becoming a CCUI, and Megan would like to become a Certified Parkour Instructor in the next year.


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