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What is Control Unleashed?

What is Control Unleashed and why are we so obsessed with it at NoCo Unleashed? The brain-child of the brilliant Leslie McDevitt, it started as a way to help struggling agility dogs learn how to cope with a highly stimulating and fast-paced sport. As she shared her methods with the dog world, trainers all over the world realized that this wasn't just for sport dogs, it's for ALL dogs! Her first book was revolutionary in helping reactive dogs everywhere, and has been embraced by many trainers as more than a methodology - it's a philosophy for living with dogs. Her second book "The Puppy Program" came along as a lot of us who love her work were on our next generation of dogs, and we all learned that Control Unleashed was even better to prevent reactivity than to address it! The third book "Reactive to Relaxed" gave us even more great games to help all dogs learn about and cope with the world.

Every class we teach at NoCo Unleashed contains elements of Control Unleashed. It's no coincidence that our business name reflects our dedication to this program. After running our first round of classes, we realized that it makes no sense to separate out dogs into a "Family Dog" program from our Control Unleashed: Foundations class. If you are looking for a more manageable dog who pays attention to you in the face of distractions, and can relax in any environment, there's no better path than our Control Unleashed class series.

What does that mean for our students? A more consistent learning experience that integrates with every other class we teach. It also means that those of you on the wait list will have more opportunities to schedule a class, because there will be 3-4 class options per session. Whether you are looking for basic manners, or help with a more serious problem, you and your dog will find your success in our Control Unleashed class series.


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