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Top 5 Reasons You Will Love our Control Unleashed Classes

Top 5 Reasons You Will Love our Control Unleashed Classes

  1. You will have a chance to learn with your dog in a relaxing and supportive environment. We know that our clients are often anxious about their dogs’ behavior, and we do everything we can to help relieve that anxiety. From setting up the environment so that dogs can be successful, to guiding you through what to do when things go wrong, our goal is to help you feel comfortable.

  2. You will learn to get, and keep, your dog’s attention on you through a wide variety of distractions. Imagine your dog seeing a squirrel, and looking at you! Through a series of simple and fun games, your dog will learn that you are fun to engage with, and that they can access fun things in life through you.

  3. You will gain confidence in being out in the world with your dog. When you learn to truly communicate with your dog, their behavior and reactions to the world become much more predictable, and easier to recover from. Dogs don’t have to be perfect to be able to go out and do stuff! When we learn to manage our expectations, and how to gauge our dogs’ ability to handle different situations, we can start including them into aspects of our lives that haven’t been possible.

  4. You will see your dog make progress in increasingly challenging situations. The Control Unleashed system is cleverly laid out in such a way that it seems simple, and yet it is so effective in changing dogs’ feelings, and therefore their behavior. We see significant changes in behavior within the first class, and the difference in the dogs by week 4 of class is amazing!

  5. You will have fun! To be effective, training must be repeatable. If we are going to expect you and your dog to repeat something, it had better be fun! You and your dog will learn a variety of games, so that you can always keep things interesting and fresh for all involved.

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