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3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy on a Snowy Day!

Snow has finally come to Colorado, along with some frigid temperatures! We might not be able to spend as much time playing outside as we do at other times of the year, so we wanted to share some of our favorite ways to occupy your time with your dog when the weather outside is frightful!

  1. Training Games to work out the brain! If you really want a calm and quiet dog, you have to work out their brain. Whether you're practicing your dog's engagement and foundational skills, or teaching them a new trick, just 10-15 minutes of brain work can tire them out as much as a 30-45 minute walk!

  2. Puzzle toys or Stuffables are a great way to entertain your dog inside. Puzzle toys are those that you can hide kibble or other treats inside, and your dog has to manipulate it to get all the food out. Stuffables are more like Kongs or Toppls that can be filled with canned dog food, pumpkin, baby food, and more. Use a trachea from the pet store for a fully edible stuffable!

  3. Play Nose Work games to combine the fun of finding food and more mental work than a well known puzzle toy may provide. Use cardboard boxes to start off, and hide food in several boxes that your dog can easily access. As they get better at finding the food, progress to more boxes, and in different rooms of the house!

A black and white dog's nose sniffing a purple and green plastic dog puzzle toy.
Lucy wastes no time getting all the treats out of this puzzle toy!


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