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What is Unleashed at NoCo Unleashed?

Dogs have always been a big part of our lives as humans. We at NoCo Unleashed are the sorts of people who couldn’t imagine life without LOTS of dogs! As the world becomes more tailored to human living, our dogs are having to adapt to new ways of life. In most places, it’s no longer appropriate for dogs to be running free - for their own safety, and for the publics’ safety. While we love to find safe spaces for our dogs to run free, it’s just not always practical or responsible. To keep our dogs from getting bored, or developing behavior problems, we have to get creative!

This is where NoCo Unleashed comes in – we are always looking for ways for EVERY owner to be able to stimulate their dogs’ minds and bodies. When you find the right activity for you and your dog, you will develop a bond you could never have imagined! Our classes are designed to be accessible to everyone and every dog. We not only want to unleash your dog’s potential, but your potential as well. Not only that, but we want to unleash your preconceived ideas about what is possible. We break training down to its very foundations so that both dogs and humans are successful.

So, you can see that it’s not all about unleashing our dogs – in fact, we ask that you only do so when it’s completely safe and responsible. Our goal is to guide you in finding activities that will deepen your bond between you and your dog, and improve your lives.


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