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We are better together

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Dog owners and enthusiasts...

  • Do you wish you had a judgment-free community that supports and cares about you and your dog?

  • Do you want a more accessible way to get high quality training?

  • Does your dog struggle with big feelings about the world or need additional training to thrive with your lifestyle?

You are not alone!

We understand NEEDING help but not having an accessible way to get it

We have wished for like-minded community where we can find safety and support without judgment

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We are here for you

We built an affordable, flexible, and supportive virtual training membership and community that accommodates busy schedules, disabilities, life changes, and more!

What it's all about

We are better together! Community Unleashed: Worldwide was born out of a desire to connect and provide support to dog owners and handlers across the world in a safe, accessible way. 


Instead of purchasing a set amount of lessons, classes, self-paced courses, or online memberships that fade into the background quickly and take a bite out of your wallet, you will be welcomed by an active community and get coaching and feedback from our certified trainers multiple times a week. We make sure all our members are getting the support they need to engage and have fun with their training, and we reach out to teams who have been less active so you don't have to worry about forgotten membership payments surprising you.

We Set you up for success

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Ivy and I are thriving in this community, and recommend it to anyone who will listen. It means a group of people who I can relate to, and it means an opportunity for the constant growth I strive for. We are much more in tune to each other. I can hold her attention in the face of bigger challenges, and I can understand more clearly when she is asking for something. The constant support and positive training methods keeps us both engaged. Even if your dog is pretty well behaved, there is so much to learn and do. 

Heidi and Ivy

This can be you too!

Book your Successful Start session to learn more, share your goals, and find the right fit for you and your dog

Every Month You will unlock...

  • Live group training and Q&As on Zoom

  • Scheduling future live sessions is built in to all our calls so you'll have consistent support

  • 24/7 access to a comprehensive online learning portal

  • Trainer feedback on videos

  • Connection with other dog owners working through the same challenges 

  • Access bonus training sessions and content from our trainer team

  • FREE virtual auditor tickets and recordings for Control Unleashed and Trick Dog workshops

And guess what? You get access to ALL of this for only $49/month!

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What the heck is Control Unleashed?

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We're glad you asked! Control Unleashed is a collection of training exercises and games that build communication and trust between dogs and their people. It was created by Leslie McDevitt, a world-renowned dog behavior consultant, speaker, and author, to help dogs thrive in the chaotic, human world they live in. 

Leslie's Control Unleashed program, books, and certified instructors have improved the lives of countless dogs and their owners around the world. The pattern games and exercises that are the foundation of Control Unleashed are designed to provide dogs with clarity, confidence, and safety regardless of where they are in their training. 

Our Community Unleashed Memberships are endorsed by Leslie McDevitt herself as a trusted resource for Control Unleashed training! 

A message from Megan:

As I looked around at the training opportunities available to like minded folks around the world, and reflected on my own lived experiences, I realized there was this huge missing piece. I knew I had to create a community where dogs and their people could thrive in a non-judgemental, collaborative space, and Community Unleashed: Worldwide was born. Whether you are starting out with a new puppy, have an adult dog, are interested or currently competing in dog sports, or struggling with behavior problems, there is a place for you here!

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