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Successful Start

A white woman with med-length dark brown hair walking through a sunny city park center with her red tri-color aussie heeling on a loose leash next to her. She is looking down at her dog and smiling while feeding the dog a treat.

Are you ready to build a deeper connection with your dog?

This 45 minute Successful Start session is a private consultation with our owner and head trainer, Megan. She will meet you and your dog, ask additional questions about your dog's history, ensure that we have a clear understanding of all of the behavior issues you may be struggling with, and discuss your training goals. You'll be able to ask any questions you have for us and hear about our training options to learn what may be best to meet your needs and goals!.

If you've already had a Successful Start session, you can click HERE to join

Community Unleashed or HERE to join Community Unleashed: Worldwide!

If you're ready to add an additional pup to the Community, click HERE to get the Multi-Dog Household add-on!

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