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Private Training

We have a variety of private training options for you to choose from through our Instructors. Scroll down to read more about each instructors services or give a shout for more information.

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This is a virtual lesson to work on any skills that you might need help with, such as Control Unleashed, Dog Sports or Puppy training. Virtual lessons allow us to be in your home without the added distraction or stress of physically being present, this also allows for more flexible times as there is no additional driving time.

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These private lessons are ideal for those who want to work on a specific behavior issue, or for dogs who are not ready to work in a group setting. This gives you a chance to learn the foundational skills, expose your dog to the space, and build up their confidence so that you can move on to semi-private lessons or group classes. 

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These two-person sessions are designed to help those with busy schedules, or those who want some extra practice time between classes. These 30 minute sessions will be directed by one of our instructors, and can help with getting started in the Control Unleashed program, or working on more advanced skills as your dog is ready. 

Please scroll down under the instructor you're interested in to schedule your private lessons or send us an email to get more information!

Victoria Kander

  • Dog Sports

  • Behaviors Prevention

  • Puppy Training

  • Basic Manners

  • Board and Trains Available

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  • Behavior Modification

  • Basic Manners

  • K9 Nose Work

  • Board and Trains Available

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