Victoria Kander, KPA-CTP, CDTI, CNWI, AKC-Evaluator

Here's part two of getting to know the owners/trainers at NoCo Unleashed! Today we will get to know some of the backstory behind how Victoria got her start in dogs!

Victoria Kander, KPA-CTP, CDTI, CNWI, AKC-Evaluator, doesn't remember a time in her life when there weren't dogs around, starting with two Rottweilers, Nikita and Conaan, a Sheltie, Gabe, and her American Pitbull Terriers, Fatale and Jewel. She grew up in the wilds of Alaska, spending all day outside in the Alaskan summers playing with the dogs and adventuring. She fondly remember various dogs around that would chase their dirt bikes and four wheelers. The dogs joined them as they camped, swam, hiked, and fished. Her family had hunting dogs who she enjoyed watching during their training, and she would teach them fun tricks as well.

Victoria was that kid that was always bringing home puppies, which came from less-than-reputable breeders in the Alaskan woods, but she loved them nonetheless. She has always been drawn to animals, but especially dogs and horses. When she was 8 years old she joined 4-H so she could learn everything she could. Throughout the years, she has gained a ton of experience working with animals through working at horse stables, vet clinics, and even a musk ox farm!

Being a part of a military family, she moved to Germany as a teenager. While adventuring around Europe, Victoria was exposed to many dog activities that weren't popular in Alaska, and she became hooked. She would walk down to the local agility school in her German town and watch the people training their dogs. She knew this is what she wanted to do with her life.

Once she moved back to the US, she joined the military. She was stationed on a base where the military K9 handlers were trained to work with their new dogs for scent detection. Victoria was in awe, and spent her free hours asking the newbie handers about what they were learning. She has always been relentlessly driven to learn everything possible about dogs and training!

Next, we will dive into how Megan and Victoria started on their paths to become professional dog trainers!

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