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Image by Wade Austin Ellis

Mission, Values and Goals

We are passionate about what can happen when we bring people and dogs together. We’re excited about our future and how we can help more people and dogs through the joy of dog training and dog sports. We hope you’ll share our vision and help us to achieve our goals here at NoCo Unleashed.


Our Mission

To provide a variety of learning opportunities for dog owners, from basic training to advanced sports coaching. We do this by providing group classes, as well as hosting seminars and workshops that appeal to our clients’ needs.

Image by Helena Lopes

Our Vision

We are strongly focused on building a robust and inclusive community of dog enthusiasts, with a goal of giving back to our wider community through fundraising and involvement.


  • We are committed to ensuring that every client feels understood and respected

    • We will empower our clients to communicate openly with us through a number of communication channels. 

    • We will take every request seriously, and consider how we can modify any policy or procedure that isn’t serving our clients.



  • We will be respectful and inclusive of diverse identities 

    • We will honor and respect who each of our clients are as individuals. 

    • We will not discriminate against any person based on gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, age, or disability. 

    • We will refer to all of our clients by their indicated names and pronouns.

    • We will be respectful of accommodations anyone may need to feel comfortable in our space.  

    • We believe that dog training can be accessible to everyone, of any ability.


  • Our learning environment will be accessible to all people

    •  We will always ensure that our building and parking lot are ADA compliant and accessible to all. 

    • We will present all learning material in several formats to accommodate different learning styles.

    • We will ensure that our website and social media pages include as many accessibility features as possible, including captioning our videos and making our pages readable by screen-readers. 

    • We will put in place as many pre-emptive accommodations as possible, so that we reduce the need for our clients to ask for accommodations. 


  • We will ensure everyone feels safe in our facility

    • We will take necessary action to prevent hateful or disrespectful speech in our classes. 

    • Any client who makes others feel uncomfortable with their words or actions will be asked to leave.



  • We will support our community and the people who live here by providing exposure to dog training and sports, as well as providing opportunities to get involved. 

    • We will work with various community partners to accomplish a number of goals, including, fundraising for local charities, community events, and providing scholarships for training opportunities.

    • We will reach out to different facets of our community to offer educational opportunities, demonstrations, and scholarships. 

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