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Mission Statement

A short coated tan dog with a tag saying MIA sitting with one paw high in the air as she stares off camera to the right

Our mission is to use proven strategies to create fun and effective ways to increase communication and understanding between dedicated dog owners and their dogs.

Our Values


We are committed to ensuring that every client feels understood and respected.



We will be respectful and inclusive of diverse identities. 

Our learning environment will be accessible to all people.

We will ensure everyone feels safe in our facility.


We will support our community and the people who live here by providing accessible dog training and working with local partners to uplift the voices of Black, Indigenous, and other People of color, and the LGBT+ community.

Our Vision

NoCo Unleashed is the premier training facility for people struggling with dogs with big feelings to learn and grow together, as well as all dog owners who enjoy building a strong relationship with their dogs. We also provide high quality education and experience opportunities for aspiring trainers, so that they are able to help further our mission. We are focused on partnership and stewardship with local non-profit organizations that improve the lives of animals and people within our community.

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