Team Relay Race

In the sport of Flyball 

Flyball is a high-speed relay sport dogs can play with a group of four dogs and their owners. A team competes against other teams to jump four hurdles, catch a ball and run back in succession until all four dogs have had their turn. The first team to run the race without making a mistake and in the fastest time WINS! Small, large, fast, slow, pure-breed or mixed breed, this is a sport for all dogs!

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Program Details


Flyball is a fast pace and high energy sport, though any dog can play at their own speed and capability. Because the nature of the sport we need strong foundations for each dog on the team to effectively perform their part in the race. Safety is also a top priority, so no cutting corners in our flyball classes.

The program is made up of two different classes, which cover everything you’ll need to get started in this sport. You’ll be able to retake any classes you need extra time with. Once you and your dog are proficient on the skills trained in these classes, you’ll be ready to join one of our ongoing drop-in Flyball Skills classes. We’d love to have you and your dog join us for some flyball fun!

Why is flyball so great for my dog?

✔ Helps burn off energy.

✔ Teaches your dog how to problem solve.

✔ To develop confidence and trust.

✔ To build strong foundation skill that can be relied on in the future.

✔ All dogs and handlers can do flyball!


In these flyball classes you will learn to:

✔ Use positive reinforcement training with your dog. 

✔ Become more observant of your dogs body language.

✔ Learn how to adjust your training when successful and when you fail.

✔ How to use your body language to assist your dog when needed.

✔ Build a lifelong bond with your dog.

✔ How to work as ateam in a very fast and exciting environment.


In these flyball classes your dog will learn to:

✔ Become confident and independant.

✔ Learn the basics of the game.

✔ Become more connected to their body and environment around them.

✔ Become confident in their skill and understanding.

✔ Learn impulse control and self aware.

How to safely retrieve a ball, perform a box turn and run back over hurdles while on a team.

To be successful in our flyball program, dogs will learn to demonstrate the following skills while in class:

✔ To remain calm and focused in class and their crate while they wait.

✔ Confidently work a new environment for food or toys.

✔ Build value for the game.

✔ Ignore other dogs and handlers.


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