Treibball (Urban Herding)

We want to learn to work together as a team through teaching  solid foundations!

The sport of treibball aka urban 

herding,​ is meant to be played in
the spirit of cooperation and fun with you. Treibball (pronounced Tribe-ball) originated in Germany a little over 10 years ago, and means “push ball”. Treibball is a low-cost, low-impact sport, any dog and handler can play. If your dog has a nose or a shoulder, he can play Treibball! The game is simple to play and train, and only requires a few fitness balls, some treats and a love of working with your dog. Your dog learns to target the balls, and then goes out into a playing field and pushes balls to you, with direction and control. The game is timed, with only one dog and handler team on the field, so mildly reactive dogs can participate too.

The way you communicate with your dog is essential, it is not about how many goals you can reach.

Our objectives for our Treibball classes and community are to:

  • Educate dog owners in building a stronger bond with their dog using Treibball  as a reward-based communication tool

  • Encourage participation in the sport  through education of students

  • Endorsing and encouraging force-free, creative training techniques that support participation by dogs and handlers at every skill level.

Program Details


Our Treibball program is the ideal start to your adventure into urban herding, with a focus on foundations and impulse control. We want to provide a sport that dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds and ages can learn and pla. Provide a mentally challenging activity for both the dog/human team that is an extremely low impact sport for everyone.

This sport requires a solid relationship and development of great communication skills for success to happen.  This naturally and effortlessly happens due to the relaxed and positive nature of the game.  Once you have been taught the step by step fundamental skills, you and your dog will have an activity that you both will look forward to doing, opening the doors for treats, praise, triumphs, possible competitions, and something to show off to friends and family.  In addition, the skills of following your lead and delayed gratification that your pup will develop in this class will absolutely carry over into real-life situations.  When you’re able to get your dog to listen and follow your direction from a distance on the field, imagine the success you will have off the field!

Why is Foundations so important?

✔ Help create clarity for both handler and dog.

✔ Strengthen communication skills between the dog and handler.

✔ To develop confidence and trust.

✔ To build strong foundation skill that can be relied on in the future.

✔ To develop a connection while in motion.


In these Treibball classes you will learn to:

✔ Use positive reinforcement training with your  dog. 

✔ Prevent and manage undesired behaviors that can come with sports.

✔ Learn how to adjust your training when successful and when you fail.

✔ How to use your body language and verbal cues to get your dog to perform the skill.

✔ Read canine body language to help determine what might happen in that training session.

✔ Build a lifelong bond with your dog.


In these Treibball classes your dog will learn to:

✔ Stay connected to you when needed.

✔ Independently perform skills at a distance.

✔ Learn how to read your body language and listen to your verbals.

✔ Become confident in their skill and understanding.

✔ Learn impulse control.

✔ Learn to play and engage with their handler.

To be successful in our Treibball program, dogs will learn to demonstrate the following skills while in class:

✔ To remain calm and focused on handler while other teams are performing exercises.

✔ Remain calm and in control when balls are present or being used.

✔ Reliable distance skills.

✔ Beautiful balancing and pushing skills.

✔ Be verbally directed around one direction or the other with verbals only.


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