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From the Ground Up Agility

We want to learn to work together as a team through teaching  solid foundations!

Our goal is to teach solid 

foundations,​ a full

understanding of criteria with obstacle 

independence, and communicating

together as a team.

There are many ways to teach agility and the handling required to complete a course with your dog. Not all of those programs fit with every dog. We strive to continuously learn the many ways of handling and performing in agility so that we can help you find the best way to communicate with your dog.


Keep things fun!


Relationship first


Confidence and Trust

Program Details


Our foundation agility program is perfect for getting started in agility, whether you want to do it for fun or if your dream is to compete along side your dog. The sport of dog agility is one of the most fun and rewarding activities that a dog and handler can share together! Especially when the team has the proper foundation training that will make training obstacles and handling so much easier and more successful. 


The program is made up of eight different classes, which cover everything you’ll need to get started in this sport. You’ll be able to retake any classes you need extra time with. Once you and your dog are proficient on the skills trained in these classes, you’ll be ready to join one of our ongoing drop-in Advanced Agility classes. We’d love to have you and your dog join us for some agility fun!

Why is Foundations or Flatwork so important?

✔ Help create clarity for both handler and dog.

✔ Strengthen communication skills between the dog and handler.

✔ To develop confidence and trust.

✔ To build strong foundation skill that can be relied on in the future.

✔ To develop a connection while in motion.

✔ Create a balance between obstacle commitment and handler commitment.

✔ Create more speed without losing confidence, clarity and connection.


In these agility classes you will learn to:

✔ Use positive reinforcement training with your agility dog. 

✔ Prevent and manage undesired behaviors that can come with sports.

✔ Learn how to adjust your training when successful and when you fail.

✔ How to use your body language and verbal cues to get your dog to perform the skill.

✔ Read canine body language to help determine what might happen in that training session.

✔ Build a lifelong bond with your dog.


In these agility classes your dog will learn to:

✔ Stay connected to you when needed.

✔ Independently perform obstacles.

✔ Learn how to read your body language and listen to your verbals.

✔ Become confident in their skill and understanding.

✔ Learn impulse control.

✔ Learn to play and engage with their handler.

To be successful in our agility program, dogs will learn to demonstrate the following skills while in class:

✔ To remain calm and focused on handler while other teams are performing exercises.

✔ A reliable recall command with the distraction of other dogs working or playing.

✔ A reliable sit and down stay.

✔ Remain with the handler on a loose leash and when off leash.

✔ Be around other teams without lunging towards other people or dogs.

Who is Your Instructor? 

Victoria Kander has always been inspired by agility and the teams that run them. She started learning agility in Germany as a teenager. She brought a lot of that desire back with her to the US. She likes to use a balance of techniques and handle in front of the dog as well as behind. She wants to have all the possible tools available, so that no matter what she encounters on the course she will be able to communicate and handle it effectively. She has been apart of many programs to be able to learn as much as possible for herself and her students. She continues to learn from Sylvia Trkman, Susan Garrett, Onemind Dogs, Bad Dog Agility. She has also started the process to become a Onemind Dogs training coach.


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